COVID-19 Update Letter - April 2

Murfreesboro Baptist Church

Dear Murfreesboro Baptist Church Family,


Another week has come and gone and we find ourselves at the beginning of what will surely be a long month of April. With schools and business closed for many weeks ahead, we are hopefully beginning to come to terms with the reality that there will be no quick fixes to the crisis we are facing.


Therefore, recognizing that this decision is not only for our health and benefit, but also for the health and benefit of our whole community, MBC has decided that the safe and prudent thing to do is to cancel all activities through the month of April. While this is certainly a difficult and unfortunate decision, especially with Easter just around the corner, it is the decision that best enables us to be faithful in our mission to love God, follow Jesus, and serve others.


With that said, I want to remind you that we are still active insofar as we can be. Our food pantry remains open to those who need it. Our Kid’s Club and Youth Group are continuing to meet through the use of technology. And there are many in our congregation who have volunteered to pick up groceries or prescriptions for those who are unable or hesitant to leave home. Please call us if you would like someone to run an errand for you!


Most importantly, we continue to worship our God. I am grateful for the positive feedback I received from those who have listened to our services on the radio and over the internet, and I thank you for making a point to worship and to remain connected to our church. We should also all be especially thankful for Paula who has been faithful in helping me put those services together.


Furthermore, I am excited to announce that beginning this Sunday, April 5th, our worship services will be available on video on our Facebook page and on our website. This is in addition to the regular radio services, which will continue as usual. And don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook. Our page is public, which means an internet search for “Murfreesboro Baptist Church Facebook” will lead you to our page and to our worship videos. I hope you’ll join us!


I also want to remind you to be on the lookout for the Stations of the Cross finger labyrinth, which will be available next week to guide us through Holy Week. Additionally, I will be hosting a Facebook Live Communion service at 7:00 on Maundy Thursday, April 9th. If you plan to attend, you can find the liturgy on our website, and you should be ready with crackers/bread and juice/wine so that we can eat that meal of grace together.


Finally, I realize that you are all just as eager to get back to our normal churchwide gatherings and corporate worship as I am. To that end, several of you have contacted me with creative ideas to help ease the difficulty of this hiatus that the virus has forced upon us. I am thankful for your creativity and I hope that all of you will continue to reach out to me with ideas that you have to help MBC better respond to this crisis.


However, we do not think it wise to do anything that will bring dozens of us together, even if it is to remain in our cars during worship or to receive communion via drive-thru. As much as we desire to recapture some sense of normalcy, doing such things will present opportunities for the virus to spread. But, you can be certain that I have already begun to think of ways to make our return to normal a meaningful, memorable, and life-giving occasion. And I hope that you will join us whenever that time comes.


Grace & Peace,