COVID-19 Update Letter - March 20

Murfreesboro Baptist Church

Dear Murfreesboro Baptist Church Family,


I would like to give everyone an update as we come to the end of this first week of social distancing and home isolation. It has certainly been quite an adjustment, but I hope that we have all begun to find a routine that will make the coming weeks a little more bearable.


As of today, there has been no decision made regarding further cancellations. We are still hoping to resume normal activities on Sunday, April 5th. Any changes to these plans will be communicated through email and phone calls. Updates will also be posted to our Facebook page and to our website. If you receive an email update (like this one) or notice a new post, please share that news with those who might have missed it.


In the letter that was sent out earlier this week, we announced that our worship services would continue to be broadcast on the radio, with new services beginning on March 29th. This means that the radio broadcast for this coming Sunday, March 22nd, will be a replay of our worship service from March 15th. You are certainly more than welcome to listen to this service, and if you were not with us last Sunday, I hope that you will.


In addition to that broadcast, however, since many of you were with us last Sunday, I will also be posting a short devotional video, along with a written guide, on our website and Facebook page for this coming Sunday. Although it will not be a full worship service, it will be something that we can do in common as we continue to seek God.


May we continue to be good neighbors and faithful disciples.


Grace & Peace

Rev. Lane Bass