2023-01-29–Your Dad Must Be Crazy–Dr. Rick Bailey

2023-01-22–By Net or By Hook–Dr. Rick Bailey

2023-01-15–The Epiphany, Grain, and Weeds–Dr. Rick Bailey

2023-01-08–Mary Magdalene A Devoted Follower–Rev. Beth Thompson

2023-01-01–Congregational Singing

2022-12-25–What IS Christmas–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-12-18–He Loved Us First–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-12-11–Lessons and Carols

2022-11-13–When We Think Too Highly of Ourselves–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-11-6–When We Blow It (Failure)–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-11-6–When We Blow It (Failure)–Dr. Rick Bailey

2023-10-22–Roadblocks on our Spiritual Journey: Communication–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-10-16–Hello, I’ll Be Serving You–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-10-09–Only 10% Were Thankful–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-10-02–Taste and Remember–Mrs. Lou Ann Gilliam

2022-09-25–Is This Your Time–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-09-18–A Journey Without Maps–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-09-11–Lost and Found–Rev. Kelly Adams

2022-09-04–Mediation on Communion–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-08-28–Host and Guest–Rev. Kelly Adams

2022-08-21–Finding the 8%–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-08-14–Average, Ordinary People–Dr. Rick Bailey

2022-08-07–Faithful Foundations–Rev. Kelly Adams

2022-07-31–Steadfast and Sure–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-07-24–A God Who Hears Us–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-07-17–Two Godly Sisters–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-07-10–Unfair Weather Friend–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-07-03–The Right Thing Can Be The Easy Thing–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-06-26–Follow the Leader–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-06-19–Freedom Requires Decisions–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-06-12–Holy Confusion–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-06-05–What’s Next?–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-05-29–Err on the Side of Grace–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-05-22–God’s Unexpected Goodness–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-05-15–Believing Thomas–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-05-08–For Us and From Us–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-05-01–Saying No So You Can Say Yes–Dr. Greg Rogers

2022-04-24–Mistakes are Not an End–Mr. Jordan Brown

2022-04-17–More to Come–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-04-10–With Purpose and On Purpose–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-04-03–God’s New Thing: Different, But the Same–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-03-27–Which One are You?–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-03-20–A Heart for Passion–Mr. Corbin Robertson

2021-03-13–Repent and Live Fully–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-03-06–Letting Go of What’s Yours–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-02-27–A Brilliant Reflection–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-02-20–No Room for Revenge–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-02-13–You’re Special (So is Everybody Else)–Rev. Lane Bass

2022-02-06–Love is the Greatest–Rev. Lane Bass