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Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!  Psalm 95:6

We believe that the regular, faithful worship of God provides a foundation for our lives as Christians. When we worship, we offer God the praise and adoration He deserves. We’re also reminded that we are God’s creatures, dependent on His love and mercy in our everyday lives. We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 11 AM, as well as for special services throughout the year.

What’s worship like at Murfreesboro Baptist Church?
•In keeping with New Testament practices, our worship services are intended to involve every
member of the congregation, and not just the few people in leadership roles.  We encourage
active participation in worship through responsive readings, corporate prayer, giving our tithes
and offerings, and singing songs of worship together.
•As Baptists, we emphasize the reading and preaching of the Bible, God’s written word.  We also
practice believers’ baptism and, at the end of each service, we invite those who are not already
believers to make a public profession of faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  On the first
Sunday of the month, we share the Lord’s Supper, which is open to all baptized Christians.
•As members of the larger body of Christ, meanwhile, we affirm our kinship with our fellow

believers in other traditions and around the world by following the seasons of the church year.
•Most people come to worship at our church dressed more formally than they do during the
week.  Nursery care is available during all services for children up to age 6.